Configure ticket details

When you click Tickets in the toolbar, you can access My Tickets and Group Tickets under the toolbar if:

  • You belong to a group with assigned tickets
  • The tickets are directly assigned to you.

To view the ticket detail page, you can:

  • Click Tickets in the toolbar, and then click a ticket number.
  • Click My Tickets, and then click a ticket number.
  • Click Group Tickets, and then click a ticket number.
  • Use the search options to locate the ticket of interest.

To assign a technician to the ticket, select an option in the Assign To field or click the Assigned Tech drop-down menu and select a technician.

To escalate the ticket, click above the Dates tab.

Troubleshoot incorrect ticket detail dates

The Ticket Details tab displays the following dates:

  • Open Date
  • Last Updated
  • 1st-Response Date
  • Closed Date

If the Ticket Details tab displays incorrect Open Date and 1st-Response Date values, do the following:

  1. Log in to Web Help Desk as an administrator.
  2. Click Setup > General > Time & Place.
  3. In the Business Zones tab, click your default time zone.
  4. Verify that the Date Format and Time Format values are entered correct.

    Use the following case-sensitive characters:

    Character Description
    M Month in year
    d Day in month
    y Two-digit year
    yyyy Four-digit year
  5. Verify that the Business Hours and Work Days settings are correct.
  6. Click Save.