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Prepare request types for alert-based tickets

A request type determines how alerts are routed to the appropriate tech for problem resolution. When you create your SolarWinds connection, select the request type that closely matches the connection.

You can select one request type for one SolarWinds connection.

For example, if you are creating a connection to SolarWinds SAM to address alerts related to server health, click the WHD Request Type drop-down menu and select a request type linked to a tech group that troubleshoots and resolves server issues.

Request types for SolarWinds Integration

By design, a request type appears as disabled in the Orion Integration page if it is a parent request and is not configured to be used as an FAQ category. Request types with the Use as FAQ / SolarWinds Integration setting disabled are not visible in the Orion Integration page unless they are parents to other request types with this setting enabled.

To display a request type in the Orion Integration page:

  1. Log in to Web Help Desk as an administrator.
  2. Click Setup > Tickets > Request Types.
  3. Click the targeted request type.
  4. Select the Use as FAQ / SolarWinds Integration checkbox.

  5. Click Save.