Documentation forWeb Help Desk


SolarWinds Web Help Desk (WHD) is a web-based automated ticketing solution that helps you manage your IT support requests for both internal and external clients. Use WHD to create and manage tickets in your help desk operations.

This guide supports the following installation types:

Stand-alone installation

For a WHD stand-alone installation, install the product on a dedicated server with your choice of an embedded PostgreSQL database or an external database such as MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server. After you complete the configuration, you can use WHD as your ticketing system.

By default, the WHD Administrator Console uses secure port 8443 to connect to the WHD server.

You can integrate a stand-alone installation to an Orion Platform environment at any time.

Integrated with the Orion Platform

WHD supports an integrated installation into an existing Orion Platform. For this configuration, install the product on a dedicated server, select and implement an embedded or external database, and then create a SolarWinds integrated connection in the WHD Administrator Console to the Orion Platform. When you are finished, create or modify alerts in the Orion Platform to integrate with other SolarWinds products and subscribers.

This configuration links WHD to SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM), Server and Application Monitor (SAM), and Network Configuration Manager (NCM) systems to automatically create new tickets from Orion Platform alerts and dispatch the appropriate techs to address the issue.

This installation assumes that the Orion Platform and monitored products meet the SolarWinds product integration requirements. If your environment uses SolarWinds High Availability, see the High Availability requirements in the NCM Administrator Guide or the NPM Administrator Guide as part of the installation.

By default, the WHD Administrator Console uses secure port 8443 to connect to the WHD server.

Evaluation installation

WHD includes a 14-day evaluation license. During the evaluation period, you can create an unrestricted number of techs and access all product features. After the evaluation period, only one tech account remains active. All other tech accounts are deactivated. To continue using the product, you must purchase a full product license from SolarWinds Sales.


The following terms provide context for SolarWinds product architecture, roles, and components.

Term Definition
Admins Techs with administrator privileges who configure WHD, set up tech accounts, and define tech groups.
Clients End users or customers who can open tickets in WHD. Clients can enter tickets through email or the Client console.
Request Types A classification that identifies the type of support request. Request types are used to automatically assign tickets to the appropriate tech group.

WHD technicians who troubleshoot, resolve, and manage customer tickets. Techs can be members of a tech group who address specific request types.

Techs can also create tickets. For example, when a client calls their IT help desk the tech opens a ticket on the client's behalf. Additionally, techs can open tickets that are not associated with a client, such as tickets to schedule routine maintenance or system upgrades.

Tech Groups A group of techs with similar skills and expertise who address specific ticket request types, such as IT or Facilities. A tech group can include multiple levels so complex or difficult tickets can be escalated to more experienced techs.
Tickets Support requests opened through and managed within WHD. Tickets can be initiated through email, created in the WHD Administrator Console, or imported from another application.