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Improve ticket resolution with ticket types

Ticket types group multiple tickets together on the same issue as Child tickets of a Parent ticket. This allows you to address a Child ticket when you edit the Parent ticket.

Web Help Desk uses three types of tickets to facilitate this type of ticket resolution: Service, Problem, and Incident.

Ticket Type Description Example

Service Request

A request submitted by a client to Web Help Desk for assistance, such as information, advice, or access to an IT service.

Reset a password

Access a shared network resource

Replace a printer toner cartridge

Problem Ticket

A ticket that provides the root cause for attached Incident and Child tickets.

These tickets are based on an initial Service Request or an automatic trouble ticket from a system integrated with Web Help Desk.

The HR printer has a paper jam

Incident Ticket

A ticket that describes a new occurrence of an issue currently documented in an existing Problem ticket.

The Incident ticket can be attached to a Problem ticket. After it is attached, the Incident ticket becomes a Child ticket. Incident tickets are created from a Service Request or an automatic trouble ticket from a system integrated with Web Help Desk.

HR department personnel receive an error message when they send a document to the HR printer

When a ticket type is set to Problem in the Ticket Details tab, the ticket becomes available in the Problems drawer, as shown below.

This capability provides a parent root cause for related tickets. When a ticket is linked to a Problem ticket, it becomes an Incident ticket. Changing the ticket back to a Service Request removes the link to the Problem ticket.

When a Parent ticket is closed, all of its Child tickets close as well. When you view a Parent ticket, you can view notes from Child tickets. When you view an Incident ticket, you can also view the notes from the Problem ticket.