Documentation forWeb Help Desk

Define tech permissions

For added security, Web Help Desk allows you to assign additional permissions to a tech without assigning the tech as an administrator. This provides additional permissions to your techs without granting unlimited access to the application.

This example creates a new permission set called Senior Tech. Techs with this permission set can edit the Due Date and Request Detail fields on a ticket. They can also edit approved FAQs and approve new FAQs.

If your organization is implementing knowledge centered support, consider including the Approved FAQ Edit permission in the Default tech permission set. Granting this permission allows techs to update or correct FAQs as needed.

Create a new tech permission set

  1. Click Setup and select Techs > Tech Permissions.
  2. Click New.
  3. In the Permissions tab, enter a name to identify the permission.

  4. In Locate Permissions, specify whether techs can access tickets, assets, and clients for an assigned or managed company, location group, or department group.

    The tooltips provide more information about each permission.
  5. In Ticket Permissions, define what actions a tech can perform within a ticket.

    For example, leave the Limit to Assigned Tech Groups checkbox unchecked to allow techs to access tickets with all request types in their assigned tech groups.

    The tooltips provide more information about most ticket permissions.
  6. In Client Permissions, specify whether a tech can edit client profile data, delete client records, access the import clients module, or download a client TSV file.
  7. In Asset Permissions, specify whether a tech can view and edit assets and associated elements.
  8. In Other Permissions, define the options that enable techs to edit locations, manage parts, edit and import FAQs, work with reports and surveys, view hourly billing rates, and create and edit new and existing FAQs for all categories.

  9. Click Save.

Assign techs to a tech permission set

After defining the permissions, assign techs to the permission set. Each tech can be assigned to only one permission set. When you assign a tech to a new permission set, the tech is automatically removed from the previous permission set. In the following example, assigning Richard Acevedo to the Senior Tech permission set automatically removes him from the Default permission set.

  1. From the tech permissions page, click the Assigned Techs tab.
  2. Select the techs who will have these permissions.

  3. Click Save.