Documentation forWeb Help Desk

Create a quick ticket

Use quick tickets to create identical tickets for repetitive issues, such as a forgotten password. You can create a quick ticket template to define the fields in quick tickets.

Techs and admins complete the Client and Location information based on the request type in a quick ticket before the ticket is assigned to help desk personnel.

  1. In the toolbar, click Tickets.
  2. In the My Tickets tab, click New Ticket.
  3. In the New Ticket screen, locate the Quick Ticket section and click + to create a ticket.

  4. In the Quick Ticket Details screen, complete the fields and drop-down menus for your quick ticket.
  5. At the bottom of the ticket, locate the Save Quick Ticket as field.

  6. In the field, enter a name for this quick ticket type.
  7. Click Shared to allow others to use this quick ticket template, and then click Apply.
  8. In the Ticket Details tab, complete the fields, and then click Save.
  9. Record the ticket number for future reference.

Edit a quick ticket

  1. In the toolbar, click Tickets.
  2. In the menu, locate and click the ticket number you recorded from your quick ticket.
  3. Click the Client Info tab.
  4. If the ticket is to report a client issue, use the Client Lookup box in the Client Info tab to select the client.

  5. If the ticket requires an asset, click the Asset tab to look up and add the asset.
  6. If the ticket requires parts and billing details, click the Parts & Billing tab and add this information.
  7. Click the Ticket Details tab.
  8. Select a location and room.

  9. Select a Request Type that corresponds with a group in your organization who resolves this client issue.

    The Assign To field displays, showing which tech group receives this request based on the Web Help Desk ticket assignment logic.

    You can override the ticket assignment logic and assign the ticket to yourself.

  10. Enter a subject and the request details that describe the issue. If you need to add an attachment, click Add File.

  11. Under Status and Schedule, select the ticket priority that is appropriate for this ticket.

  12. Under Recipients, select the client, assigned technician, level techs, group manager, or e-mail recipients who receive details about this ticket.

  13. (Optional) Click the lock to toggle the ticket privacy setting.

    If you select Private, users without permission cannot see the tickets.

  14. Click Save to save the ticket.

    Click Save and Send E-Mail to save the ticket and send an email to the specified recipients.

    The tech, client, location, and ticket setup options determine who receives email.

    If you respond to an email request that includes your Web Help Desk email address in the cc: field, the application creates duplicate tickets. Web Help Desk creates duplicate ticket since it is seeing the email a unique request. To resolve this issue, do not add additional recipients to a Web Help Desk email ticket submission until it has a ticket number in the Subject field.

Delete a quick ticket

  1. In the toolbar, click Tickets.
  2. In the menu, locate and click the ticket number you recorded from your quick ticket.
  3. Click Delete.