Documentation forWeb Help Desk

Define a tech group

Tech groups specify which techs are included in the group, the number of levels within the group, how tickets are assigned, and which request types the group can support.

The following example creates the Human Resources group and maps it to HR request types. This group includes only one level, and tickets are assigned to individual techs using a load-balancing algorithm.

Create a tech group

  1. In the toolbar, click Setup and select Techs > Tech Groups.
  2. Click New.

    The Tech Group Info page opens.

  3. Enter a name to identify the tech group.

  4. Select the group's manager.

  5. If tickets should be assigned to the manager of the location group associated with the ticket (instead of the tech group manager), select When a Ticket's Location.

    Tickets are assigned to a group manager when auto-assignment is not enabled on the Tech Group Levels tab, or when auto-assignment is enabled but no techs in the group are available.

  6. Click Save.

Configure tech group levels

Group level options specify how tickets are assigned and which techs are members of that level. At least one level must be configured for each group. Add multiple levels if you want to be able to escalate tickets to more experienced techs.

If you configure multiple levels, all new tickets are initially assigned to techs in Level 1. Techs in higher levels receive tickets only if they are escalated.

  1. Click the Tech Group Levels tab.
  2. Click an existing level to open it, or click Add Level to add a new level.

  3. Specify how Web Help Desk will assign tickets for this level.

    1. Select the type of tech Web Help Desk will assign tickets to.
      NoneTickets are not automatically assigned to individuals, but belong to the group level.
      A Level TechEach ticket is assigned to a tech in this level based on the tech's availability.
      Group Manager or Lead TechAll tickets are assigned to the manager or lead tech, who then reassign them to techs.
    2. If you selected A Level Tech, select the assignment algorithm.
      • Load Balancing assigns each ticket to the tech with the smallest backlog (the lowest number of assigned tickets).
      • Round Robin assigns tickets sequentially to all techs in the level, regardless of the tech's current backlog.

  4. Select the Ignore Location and Department check box only for level groups assigned to receive e-mail notifications for tickets created from SolarWinds Orion Platform alerts.
  5. In the Force E-Mail Notification To row, select who receives email notifications when a ticket is created or updated by the REST API or a SolarWinds alert, or updated by a client. These notifications are sent regardless of the email options selected for each tech account.
  6. In the Default Selected E-Mail Recipients row, specify who is selected by default to receive an email when a tech clicks Save and E-Mail in a customer ticket.
  7. Select the techs assigned to this level.

  8. Click Save.

Assign supported request types

  1. Click the Request Types Supported tab to display the request types assigned to this tech group.

  2. Click Edit to display all request types not assigned to any tech group.

  3. Select one or more Request Types for this group to receive, and click Save.