Documentation forWeb Help Desk

Create an average ticket time report

You can generate a report that lists the average time for a ticket to move from Open to Closed status. The report includes the average ticket time for each tech in your organization who is registered in Web Help Desk.

  1. Log in to Web Help Desk as an administrator.

  2. Click Reports in the toolbar.

  3. In the Reports column, click Average open time this month.

  4. Configure the report basics.

    1. Click the Reports Basics tab.

    2. In the Reports Name field, enter a name for this report. For example:

    3. Click the Report Group drop-down menu and select Sample Reports.

    4. Click the Report Type drop-down menu and select Ticket Report.

  5. Configure the report details.

    1. Click the Report Details tab.

    2. In the Chart Type row, select Bar chart.

    3. Click the Bar Category drop-down menu and select Request Type.

    4. Leave the Bar Stack Category option blank.

    5. Leave the Repetition Category blank.

    6. In the Chart Metric row, select Avg. Open Time.

    7. Accept the default options for Show Table and Show Filters.

    8. In the Time Range row, select the amount of time to include in the report. . The time range applies to the Date Attribute for Time Range selection. Click tooltip for configuration details.

    9. Click the Date Attribute for Time Range drop-down menu and select Date Closed.

    10. Click Save.

  6. Select the report filters.

    1. Click the Report Filters tab.

    2. Click New.

    3. Click the Filter Attribute drop-down menu and select Status.

    4. In the Filter Type row, select Inclusive.

    5. In the Values row, select Closed.

    6. Click Save.

    7. Click Done.

  7. Return to the Reports tab.

  8. In the Report column, locate the report name.

  9. In the report name row, click a report output option to display the report.