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Add clickable links

BBCode can detect HTTP and FTP links, emails, and universal naming control (UNC) paths, transforming them into clickable links. If you add a clickable link to a YouTube or Vimeo video, Web Help Desk can embed and display the video instead of the link.

You can also disable clickable links as well. In the bb_config.xml file, you can disable embedding video instead of displaying a link by locating all rules with a name starting with auto-youtube (or auto-vimeo) and commenting them out with the following comment tag:

<!-- and -->

When completed, save your changes and restart Web Help Desk to see the link instead of the video.

Below is an example of a clickable link using BBCode.

When you are working on an incident or writing an FAQ, you can refer to other tickets, referencing a specific ticket or terms like request, case, or problem. To transform these references into clickable links that open the referenced tickets, create a rule.

To create a rule linking to other tickets, add the following syntax to the bb_config.xml file:

<match name="TicketLink" alwaysProcess="true">
   <![CDATA[<a href="

Be sure to replace the URL with the link to your system.

Entering case 22 automatically creates a link to case 22, as shown below.