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Configure an outgoing email account

Define your SMTP server and WHD email address for your outgoing email account.

If you are setting up this account to integrate the WHD calendar with Gmail or Microsoft Exchange, ensure that:

  • SMTP Authentication for the outgoing account is set to Simple with a corresponding username and password.

  • The Web Help Desk email Address field includes a valid WHD email address.

To prevent WHD from sending nonstop ticket updates, use a current email address. Do not use an alias.

See the this KB article for assistance with troubleshooting outgoing email issues.

  1. Click Setup > email > Outgoing Mail Accounts.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter the location of your SMTP server.

    For example:

  4. In the Port field, enter the port number that receives automated email notifications from your SMTP server.

    Use default port 25 unless your SMTP server requires a specific port.

  5. Select the SSL checkbox if required by your SMTP server.

    A green indicator indicates a connection exists to your SMTP server.

    A red indicator indicates a failure to connect to the SMTP server.

  6. Click Make Default to configure this account for sending all non-ticket email messages and any ticket messages for incoming mail accounts linked to the default. Otherwise, leave this field as is.

  7. Select an SMTP server authentication method based on your SMTP server settings.

    If you do not use an authenticated account (such as Gmail or Microsoft Exchange) for your outgoing email, select Anonymous.

    If this option is not allowed by your SMTP server, you may receive an error when sending outgoing email.

    If you use an authenticated account for your outgoing email (such as Google Gmail or Microsoft Outlook), select Simple and enter the user name and password of the SMTP server. This option provides additional security compared to anonymous authentication. Additionally, this option is required to integrate your WHD calendar with Gmail or Microsoft Exchange.

    If your SMTP authentication, username, and password settings are not correct, the scheduled event mail functionality for an integrated calender will not trigger to the assigned tech.
  8. Enter a name that displays in the From address field for email sent by this SMTP server.

  9. Enter the email address your customers use to send requests to your Technical Support team. When received, this request is converted into a ticket.

    For example: 

    The field only displays if you did not select the following option at Setup > email > Options:

  10. Enter a list of approved domains used by this account for all outgoing emails. If the field remains blank, the email account will send email to all domains.

  11. Enter all email accounts that are linked to this account.

    See Setup > email > Incoming Mail Accounts > [email Account] > Outgoing Mail Account for email account details.
  12. Enter any additional properties sent to the mail engine to change the behavior of mail servers with special needs.

    The following table lists properties you can enter in this field. Enter each property separated by a semicolon and space. For example:

    mail.smtp.ehlo=false; mail.smtp.noop.strict=false; mail.smtp.userset=true

    WHD Technical Support may provide you with additional properties, if required.

    Property Description
    mail.smtp.ehlo=false Used for mail servers that require the legacy HELO command instead of the common EHLO command.

    Addresses some Microsoft Exchange Server versions that return an incorrect response code to the SMTP NOOP command when a timeout occurs.

    Setting this property to false flags the email engine to expect the incorrect response.


    Forces the mail engine to send the RSET command in place of the NOOP command.

    Some mail servers respond slowly to the NOOP command.


    Addresses the following error:

    STARTTLS is required but host does not support STARTTLS

    If disabling SSL is not an option, set this property to false to remove the starttls requirement.

    Replaces the From address in all mail sent using this account with the address you provide in the property syntax.

    This property overrides the email Address property in the incoming mail account if the Use Incoming Account Mail as "From" address described in step 9 is enabled at Setup > email > Options.

    This property also overrides the Web Help Desk email Address property described in step 9.

  13. Click Save.

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