Documentation forWeb Help Desk

Perform invoicing

Set up your company contacts in Web Help Desk for each billing invoice. When completed, you can generate an invoice or quote from a ticket.

Specify a company contact for invoices

  1. Click Setup > Parts & Billing > Invoicing Options.
  2. Enter the name of the company that receives the billing invoices.

  3. Enter the contact information of the company that receives the billing invoices.

  4. Enter the fax number and email address of the that receives the billing invoices.

  5. Select whether the client contact information on invoices is pulled from Web Help Desk or the client's personal profile.

    The Web Help Desk contact information is located at Setup > Parts & Billing > Options > Billing Entity. See Apply parts and billing options for details.
  6. (Optional) Enter a message that will display at the bottom of the invoice.

  7. Click the Logo tab.

  8. (Optional) Upload a GIF or PNG file containing your company logo.
  9. Click Save.

Generate a PDF invoice or quote from a ticket

  1. In the toolbar, click Tickets.

  2. Select the Search Tickets tab.

  3. In the Basic Search or Advanced Search tab windows, enter the appropriate search criteria for your ticket, and then click Search.

  4. In the search results, click the targeted ticket number.

    For example, ticket 31.

  5. Click the Parts & Billing tab.

  6. Under the Client Info tab, click the PDF icon to generate the invoice.

  7. Review and print the invoice.