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What determines a tech's permissions?

Techs are users who resolve Web Help Desk tickets. Permissions specify which tickets a tech can access and what actions the tech can perform.

A tech's permissions are determined by the type of tech account and the set of permissions granted to the account.

Tech account types

Web Help Desk provides two account types for techs: Admin and Tech.

Admin accounts provide unlimited access to all Web Help Desk functionality. All permissions are granted to admins. Tech accounts provide limited access to Web Help Desk functionality based on the tech's permissions.

Tech permissions

A named set of permissions is granted to each non-admin tech account. Web Help Desk provides a default set of tech permissions. You can edit the default permissions to meet your organization's needs.

You can also define other permission sets for specific roles within your organization. For example, you can define a permission set for senior techs to give them additional access (but not the unlimited access of an admin). Another permission set can be assigned to junior techs to restrict their access.