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Import a CA reply certificate

After you install the required root certificates, right-click the tomcat keypair and click Import CA Reply to import the CA response from the CA.

Import certificates with Base64-encoded format

If your certificate is in Base64-encoded format (with a PEM or CER extension) and you import the certificate with another file, an error may display. If this occurs, copy the certificate text that includes:


and ends with:

------END CERTIFICATE-------

After you import your certificate reply, Porteclé reports that the certificate was imported successfully.

Import errors

If you import the CA Reply and Porteclé generates an error stating that the certificate cannot be trusted, the root certificate may not be included. To determine which certificate you need, temporarily import your CA Reply as a Trusted Certificate (rather than a CA Reply certificate) and examine the certificate details.

Locate the issuer property

Obtain a certificate from your CA that matches the Locate the Issuer property value and import the certificate into Porteclé as a trusted certificate. After you import this certificate into Porteclé (and any other certificates needed by its issuer), you can delete your own trusted certificate and re-import it as a CA Reply to your keypair.