Documentation forWeb Help Desk

Manage client feedback

You can improve the effectiveness of your help desk services by using your client feedback to improve your help desk operations. One method you can use is to create and send a survey to your clients.

Surveys provide valuable feedback from your clients. After you close a ticket, you can provide your clients the option of completing a survey. After they complete the survey, you can use the results to update your help desk operations.

You can link surveys to a specific ticket for a single client, or send surveys as general questionnaires to a number of clients. The survey is located at the top of the ticket e-mail and in the Help History page of the client interface.

To create a survey for your clients and techs:

  1. Create the survey content that your clients and techs respond to after they close a ticket.
  2. Create the survey e-mail message that you will send to your clients and techs. This message includes a salutation and a link to the survey.
  3. Send the email ticket survey email message with a link to the survey to your techs and clients.
  4. View the survey results and make the necessary corrections to your help desk operations.