Documentation forWeb Help Desk

Configure the Dameware MRC integration

After you install and deploy Dameware MRC on all tech systems in your deployment, log in as an administrator and configure Web Help Desk to integrate with Dameware MRC.

  1. Click Setup > Assets > Options.
  2. In the Asset Options screen, select the Dameware Integration Links Enabled check box. This allows techs to enable links in ticket and asset detail panels for inspecting assets using the Dameware Agent.

    DameWare MRC is automatically enabled for all techs in Web Help Desk. You can configure more granular access settings for individual techs in their profiles.
    Dameware integration links must be enabled for individual techs. See Setup > Techs > My Account or Setup > Techs > Techs [Tech] > Account Info to enable.
  3. Click the Default Request Type drop-down menu and select the request type used when a tech creates a new Dameware-based ticket.

    This selection determines the custom fields in the ticket, the assigned tech, and how the Ticket is routed to a tech.

    The request type you select should be the type most likely to result from a Dameware troubleshooting session. For example, if you know you will be using Dameware to troubleshoot mostly hardware issues, select Hardware as the request type. See Select a request type for additional information.

    To ensure seamless integration with Dameware MRC, ensure that the Web Help Desk request type used to create Dameware tickets does not include required custom fields.

  4. Click Save.