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Certificate troubleshooting tips

If you experience issues when importing CA certificates, ensure that your settings are correct and there are no errors in your procedures.

Select the CA certs keystore

In Porteclé, navigate to Tools > Options and select Use CA Certs Keystore. When completed, Porteclé checks the built-in Java certificates to establish trust.

Import certificates in order

Porteclé requires you to import all certificates in order, beginning with the most trusted certificate (for example, root certificate, intermediate certificate issued by the root, the certificate issued by that certificate, and so on). If you import a certificate out of order, Porteclé generates an error stating it cannot establish trust. Confirming trust for any certificate other than the root certificate is not expected.

Additionally, do not import your own certificate using the Tools > Import Trusted Certificates menu option. This option is only for importing root and chain certificates. Instead, right-click your tomcat keypair and select Import CA Reply.

Use identical keypair and keystore passwords

Ensure that the password set for the keypair and the keystore are identical and match the KEYSTORE_PASSWORD setting in the <WebHelpDesk>/conf/whd.conf file (the default password is changeit) . To set the keypair password, right-click the tomcat keypair and select Set password. To set the keystore password, select Tools > Set Keystore Password.

Save your keystore

Ensure that your keystore is saved to:


Enable your changes

Restart Web Help Desk to ensure changes in Porteclé or the whd.conf file are enabled. For Windows systems, use the Web Help Desk Start/Stop utilities in the Start menu instead of the Windows Services panel. For systems running Windows Server 2008 and later, right-click Run As Administrator.

Prevent certificate warnings

When the host name in the address used to browse to Web Help Desk is different from the Common Name (CN) field in your certificate, a certificate warning displays. For example, a certificate warning displays if your certificate is for and you use localhost as the hostname in your URL.

Enable HTTP requests

When using HTTPS, ensure that your Setup settings are set correctly. To verify, click Setup and select Options. In the General Options screen, ensure that the Force HTTPS setting is set to Always. This setting ensures that links pointing to Web Help Desk use HTTPS.