Documentation forWeb Help Desk

Import clients

Use the Import Clients function to import client data into Web Help Desk. See Import data using templates for information on applying templates.

  1. In the toolbar click Setup and select Data Import > Import Clients.

    The Import Clients screen displays.

  2. Click the Sync Based On drop-down menu and select the column in the import file used to synchronize the import data with existing records.

  3. Select the Ignore Blank Fields check box to ignore blank fields in the imported file.

    If not selected, the blank fields in the import file will clear the corresponding values in the existing records.

  4. Select the Add New Entities check box to add new entities referred by the import records if they do not exist in the database.

  5. Select the Abort Import on First Error check box to stop the import procedure when Web Help Desk encounters an error.

    If not selected, Web Help Desk will continue the import if errors appear.

  6. In the File Type row, select the appropriate import file format.

  7. Click the File Encoding drop-down menu and select the method used to encode the import file.

    If your import file contains any Unicode characters, select Microsoft Excel, as this file format encodes in UTF-16 format.

  8. In the Import Data File row, click Choose File and select the file to use for the import procedure.

    The first line of the import file must match the import template. SolarWinds recommends copying and pasting the template into your data file to ensure that it is identical. The import procedure will generate an error if the first row of the import file does not match the template.

  9. Click Import.

    The file contents are imported into the Web Help Desk database.