Documentation forWeb Help Desk

Set up a ticket email alert

You can configure WHD to notify a tech, level tech, or group manager when a tech creates a new ticket.

  1. Log in to WHD as an administrator.
  2. Click Setup > Techs > Tech Groups.
  3. Under Group Name, click a group.

    For example, General.

  4. Click the Tech Group Levels tab.
  5. In the Level column, click the appropriate level.

    For example, Level 1.

  6. In the Force Email Notifications To section, select Tech, Level Techs, and/or Group Manager.

    If you select Level Techs, the email will be filtered by the location and department groups. If the ticket has no location or department groups, all level members receive an email.

  7. Select the Send on Ticket Creation Only checkbox, and click Save.

    The tech, level techs, or group manager (based on your selection) will now receive an alert when a ticket is created and assigned to this group.