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Import a PKCS#12 file into the keystore

When you import your file, ensure that: 

  • Your certificate chain is intact in the Web Help Desk keystore. Double-click the certificate to Inspect the certificate chain and view the certificate details. Use the left and right arrows at the top of the details panel to navigate through each certificate in the chain.

    If you do not see the full certificate chain, import the CA certificates first at Tools > Import Trusted Certificate and import your keypair again. Porteclé does not establish trust when a certificate is imported before the certificate that was used to sign it.

  • You import the certificate chain in the correct order. Your root certificate is imported first, then the next certificate in the chain, and so on until you get to your own certificate.

  • Your certificate is aliased as tomcat. The password for your certificate and the keystore must be identical and match the KEYSTORE_PASSWORD setting in the <WebHelpDesk>/conf/whd.conf file (changeit by default).

If your keystore contains a default, unsigned Tomcat certificate, delete this certificate before you import your PKCS#12 file.

To import the contents of a PKCS#12 file into the Web Help Desk keystore, you can:

  • Convert the PKCS#12 keystore to a Java keystore
  • Import the keypair containing your certificate

Convert the PKCS#12 keystore to a Java keystore

  1. Click File > Open Keystore file.
  2. Click Tools > Change Keystore Type > JKS and convert the keystore to a Java keystore.
  3. Save the file in <WebHelpDesk>/conf/keystore.jks to overwrite the existing keystore file.

Import the keypair that contains your certificate

  1. Open the Web Help Desk keystore file.
  2. Click Tools > Import Keypair.
  3. Import the keypair containing your certificate into Porteclé.

    When prompted, select which keypair in your PKCS#12 keystore to import.