Documentation forWeb Help Desk

Configure the Casper 8 and earlier settings

To set up a discovery connection for Casper in Web Help Desk:

  1. In the toolbar, click Setup, select Assets > Discovery Connections.
  2. Click New.
  3. In the Connection Name field, enter a name for this connection.

  4. Click the Discovery Tool drop-down menu and select Casper.

  5. In the Casper MySQL Database Host and Port fields, enter your Casper IP address and port number, respectively.

  6. Enter the Casper database name, user name, and password used to access the asset information tables.

  7. Select a synchronization schedule that determines how often Web Help Desk collects properties from the discovered endpoints. To disable automatic synchronization, select Every but do not select a day of the week.

  8. Select the checkbox to ignore blank values encountered mapping fields of the discovery tool. Otherwise, deselect this checkbox.

  9. Select the checkbox to synchronize assets found in the discovery connection with the existing assets in Web Help Desk. Otherwise, leave this checkbox unchecked.

  10. Select an action when the discovery tool locates a new client association that is different from what is stored in the Web Help Desk database.

    Select Add Clients to add new client associations. Select Replace Clients to replace all existing client associations for the Web Help Desk asset. Select Ignore Clients to do nothing.

  11. Select an action to take if an asset currently in the Web Help Desk database is not found by the discovery tool.

    Select Delete Asset to delete the asset from the database. Select No Action to leave the asset in the database. Select Set Status To if you want to leave the asset in the database but set its status to another value.

  12. Click the Attribute Mapping tab.
  13. Click Edit.
  14. Map the desired custom asset fields to Casper’s attributes.

    The asset attributes are different for each discovery tool, mapping directly to the values in the discovery tool’s database.

  15. Click Save.
  16. Click Assets > Search Assets to view your imported assets.

See the JAMF Software website for information about importing assets directly from the JAMF software database, which stores information about assets in the JAMF Software Server (JSS),