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Apply basic formatting

Basic markup follows a simple structure:

  • Simple tags: [tag]something[/tag]
  • Simple parameterized tags: [tag=value]something[/tag]
  • Complex parameterized tags: [tag value1="xxx" value2="yyy"]something[/tag]

The following table lists the tags supported by WHD:

Tag Description
[i]italics[/i] Formats the text in italics.
[b]bold[/b] Formats the text in bold.
[u]underscored[/u] Underlines the text.
[faq id=number] Provides a link to an existing FAQ.
[quote]Text[/quote] Adds a quote to your text.
[quote=Author]Text[/quote] Adds a quote from a specific author.
[code]your code here[/code]

Embeds your code in one line of text.

[list][*]First item [*]Second item[/list]

Creates a list using your defined symbols.

Do not add any line breaks between the [list] and [/list] tags.

[img]URL[/img] Adds a hypertext link to an image.
[email]address[/email] Adds a link to an email address.
[email=address]Text[/email] Adds a predefined email address.
[google]key words[/google] Adds Google keywords.
[google=key words]Text[/google] Adds predefined Google keywords.
[color=name]Text[/color] Adds HTML color names.
[size=size in BBCode]Text[/size] Defines the text size based on HTML rules.

Determine the text size in BBCode

The actual BBCode size is interpreted as an order of size using the following formula:

Actual size in pixels = 8 + (2 x size in BBCode)

The maximum supported size in BBCode is 15 (which translates to 38 pixels).

In WHD 12.6 and below, the size in BBCode was used directly as the size in pixels. The following conversion table maps the previous BBCode size to the new BBCode size.

Size in BBCode for WHD 12.6 and earlier Size in BBCode for WHD 12.7.1 and above
10 1
12 2
14 3
16 4
18 5
20 6
22 7
24 8
26 9
28 10
30 11
32 12
34 13
36 14
38 15

You can implement BBCode in many areas, such as ticket subjects, request details, notes, and custom field descriptions.

Most ticket fields support BBCode, but some fields (such as secondary email fields in your account details) do not support these fields. Be sure to test the code prior to implementation.

Additional tags

You can also use the following HTML tags with BBCode tags:

  • <li>
  • <ul>
  • <ol>
  • <font>
  • <br />
  • <p>
  • <pre>
  • <center>
  • <faq>
  • <hr>
  • <strong>