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Request types, tech groups, and ticket assignment

Request types and tech groups work together to determine how tickets are routed through Web Help Desk and assigned to techs.

Request types

Request types help you organize incoming issues into categories so you can route help desk tickets to technicians and groups who resolve these issues. They define the basic structure of your help desk system.

For example, if a client cannot access their email, they can create a ticket and select the default Email/Outlook request type. When they save the ticket, the ticket is routed to the tech or group who specializes in resolving email issues.

You can use request types to:

  • Route tickets to the appropriate tech group or lead tech
  • Specify which custom fields a ticket includes
  • Initiate an approval process, if needed
  • Facilitate reporting
  • Configure workflows and action rules
  • Display related FAQs to clients

Web Help Desk includes several default request types to help you get started, but you can create your own.

Tech groups

Tech groups are designed to be a group of similar request types handled by a group of techs. Tech groups categorize your technical support personnel based on their skills and knowledge. These groups enable Web Help Desk to expedite tickets to the appropriate personnel based on the request type.

When you receive a help desk ticket, Web Help Desk filters the techs based on the request type, which determines the tech group and tech group level. Next, it looks at the location of the client on the ticket and uses this information to filter out which techs are eligible based on their location group membership. If you configure a tech group level to auto assign a ticket to a level tech, it will automatically assign the ticket to the correct tech group. Otherwise, it will assign the ticket to the tech group manager.

When you install Web Help Desk, the application includes three default tech groups: General, Network, and System. You can use these tech groups to help you get started, and then create new groups as you plan your tech groups and request types.

Tech groups are optional. Small organizations with just a few techs probably don't need to define tech groups. Without tech groups, each ticket is assigned to the lead tech for the ticket's request type.

Ticket assignment logic

The following diagram shows the logic that Web Help Desk uses to assigns tickets. Some steps in this process include corresponding paths in the Web Help Desk user interface where you can implement any needed changes.