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Set up your email accounts

You can set up your email options, templates, and incoming and outgoing mail accounts at Setup > email. Web Help Desk supports multiple accounts for receiving and sending email.

Each incoming mail account is associated with a specific request type and an optional tech group. Incoming mail accounts are checked each minute for new messages. Web Help Desk processes each message, turns the messages into tickets, and then deletes the messages from the incoming mail server. Each incoming mail account is associated with an outgoing mail account (SMTP server) used to deliver outgoing mail.

If you need to troubleshoot incoming-email-to-ticket processing, see this KB article.

You can define custom greetings in templates associated with a specific status type and an optional request type. You can personalize these templates using tags that provide placeholders for parameters, such as last name, first name, and ticket number.

See the following sections for details:

Simplify email management – options

You can simplify incoming mail processing by configuring the email Options screen located at Setup > email > Options.

Click the tooltips for details on configuring each setting.

Configure the email timeout setting

  1. Click Setup > email > Options.
  2. In the Connection Timeout field, enter the number of seconds WHD should wait before timing out of an incoming or outgoing email account connection.

  3. Click Save.

Accept email from unknown senders

In the screen, you can configure Web Help Desk to accept email from unknown senders in your client domains or define and maintain lists of each email recipient for each client. The screen also includes options for restricting email formats, senders, and contents.

The Incoming Mail section provides additional options to filter email. Using the Ignored Senders fields, you can deny email from senders who may be sending SPAM or other unwanted email. The Regular Expression Filters fields allow you to filter out email, based on specific criteria for the subject, body, content, or attachments.

  1. Click Setup > email > Options.
  2. Locate the Incoming Mail section.

  3. In the Create Accounts for Unrecognized Senders field, select Only if email matches an Accepted Domain.

  4. In the Accepted Domains field, enter the domain names for your clients, separating each domain name by a comma and then a space.

    See Add Accepted Email Domains in Web Help Desk and the tooltip for details on completing this field.

  5. Click Save.

Ignore email received from specific email addresses

If you receive spam email from specific email addresses, you can add these addresses to the Ignored Senders list in WHD. When you are finished, WHD ignores or blocks email received from these email addresses.

  1. Click Setup and select email > Options.
  2. Under Incoming Mail, locate the Ignored Senders field.

  3. Add the senders you want to ignore, adding a comma after each entry. Use an asterisk (*) for zero or more characters.

    For example:


    You can also use:


    This filter configures WHD to ignore email received from addresses such as:

  4. Click Save.