Create a ticket

Check out this video (8:58) on best practices on submitting tickets using the web interface and email.

Clients can create tickets through email or through the Web using the Web Help Desk client interface. The client interface is what clients see when they log in to the Web Console.

Techs can also create tickets through email or through the Web. In most cases, techs create tickets through the Web using the Web Help Desk tech interface. The tech interface is what techs see by default when they log in to the Web Console.

A tech can access the client interface if the tech's profile is associated with a client account.

In addition, admins can define Web Help Desk tasks (scripts) that automatically create specific ticket types.

Create a ticket through the web interface

  1. In the toolbar, click Tickets.
  2. Click New Ticket.
  3. If the ticket is to report a client issue, use the Client Lookup box to select the client.
  4. If the ticket requires an asset, click the Asset tab and add the asset.
  5. Click the Ticket Details tab.
  6. Select a Request Type.

    The Assign To field displays, showing which tech group receives this request based on the Web Help Desk ticket assignment logic. You can override the ticket assignment logic and assign the ticket to yourself.

  7. Enter a subject and request details to describe the issue.
  8. Specify the Priority.
  9. Click one of the following buttons:

    • Save: saves the ticket.
    • Save and Send E-Mail: saves the ticket and sends an email to the specified recipients. (The tech, client, location, and ticket setup options determine who receives email.)

You can launch DameWare MRC from a customer ticket or from the Web Help Desk Toolbar.

Create a ticket through email

Clients and techs can create tickets by sending an email message to the dedicated help desk email address. Web Help Desk creates a ticket for each new message received through its dedicated email address.

Organizations can choose to set up help desk email addresses. For example, an organization can have one email for HR issues ( and another for all other issues ( Tickets created through the HR address are assigned an HR request type, which routes them to a specific tech group. Tickets created through the general support address are assigned a general request type. Tech groups who receive general request types must evaluate the ticket and assign the appropriate request type to each ticket.