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Add API poller credentials in SAM

Depending on the type of API poller authorization and authentication used by an API, you may only need to provide a username and password. Sophisticated APIs, such as the Azure API, require a client ID, client secret, access token URL, and other details to validate access. Some free APIs don't require any credentials. Refer to documentation from the API provider for details.

Starting in SAM 2020.2.5, you can add, edit, or delete API poller credentials on the Manage Credentials page.

For tips on locating Azure credentials such as Tenant IDs, see Find Microsoft Azure credentials.

To add credentials to an API poller: 

  1. Click Configure at the top of the API poller page.
  2. Click New credential.
  3. Add a name for the set of credentials, fill out the remaining fields, and then click Save.

    Alternatively, select an existing set of credentials from the drop-down list.

If you assign multiple API poller templates of the same type (for example, four Azure templates) to a node, the resulting API pollers can share the same credentials. If you assign different types of templates (for example, one Azure template and one Pingdom template), you'll need to configure separate credentials for each poller before sending API requests.