Documentation forServer & Application Monitor

Errors in Application Event Log

This SAM template sets the state of the application to Down if there are any errors in the last five minutes of the Windows Application event log.


WMI access to target server.


Windows Administrator on target server.

Component monitors

Windows Event Log Monitor

This component monitor can use both WMI and RPC communication to scan Windows Event Logs for recent events matching your defined criteria. Events are considered recent based on the age of the event as compared to the application polling frequency. If a matching event is found, the component monitor changes status.

The component monitor eventually returns to its original status as time passes so you may not notice a matching event unless you create an alert to email you when the component goes down.

This component monitor uses the following ports:

  • TCP/135
  • RPC/named pipes (NP) TCP 139
  • RPC/NP TCP 445
  • RPC/NP UDP 137
  • RPC/NP UDP 138