Documentation forServer & Application Monitor

FTP User Experience

You can use this SAM application monitor template to monitor FTP servers. Assign it to a node to test the ability of a server to:

  • Communicate with SAM via the FTP protocol.
  • Respond within a required number of seconds.
  • Log in a user.
  • Transmit a file (test.txt) that is an exact content match with the snapshot of the resource that SAM has on record.

This template includes a single component monitor that runs an SHA1 checksum comparison on a downloaded file to verify content integrity. If the checksums match, the component monitor reports its status as Up. For more details, as well as steps to prepare target servers, see FTP User Experience Monitor.

Note the following details about this template:

  • It requires an FTP account with read permissions on target servers.
  • The default port used is 21.
  • On Linux servers, capitalize all characters in the filename (for example, TEST.TXT).