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Monitor external nodes in SAM

To monitor services and applications on a server that you do not directly manage, add the server to the Orion database as an external node. External nodes skip all network performance data collection and polling tasks, but allow you to assign applications to them. For example, you could add as an external node, and then assign several HTTP monitors to monitor Google search results.

To learn about monitoring cloud-based nodes, see Manage a cloud instance or VM as an Orion Platform node.

You can use the following SAM component monitors within an application monitor assigned to an external node:

  • HTTP Monitor
  • HTTPS Monitor
  • HTTP Form Login
  • SSL Certificate Monitor
  • TCP Port Monitor

Another alternative is to use the API Poller feature to gather metrics for nodes via an external REST API. Create an API poller on the Node Details view, pick the values you want to monitor, provide any necessary credentials, and then begin polling the external node. See Add API pollers in SAM.

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