Documentation forHybrid Cloud Observability Essentialsand Server & Application Monitor

How SAM works

Using UDP, TCP, SNMP, WMI, and WinRM calls to your environment and application servers, SAM provides real-time feedback about applications and trends through statistics stored in the SolarWinds Platform database. Thanks to the SolarWinds common components infrastructure, there are no agents installed on your servers and no remote software to maintain. All calls are made in real time and displayed in the SolarWinds Platform accessible from any supported browser.

As a standalone product, SAM operations can be visualized with the following flowchart:

Installed as a module in your family of SolarWinds products, SAM can be visualized with the following flowchart:

SAM includes many features that are common to all SolarWinds Platform products, including user accounts, views, alerts, and reports. To learn more, see the SolarWinds Platform Administration Guide.