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Manually configure AppInsight for IIS on target servers in SAM

SAM uses an automated configuration tool to add AppInsight for IIS to nodes during Discovery, or when nodes are added via the Add Node wizard. If that tool fails or you want to manually configure custom settings, permissions, and so on, follow these steps to set up AppInsight for IIS on target servers.

Manual configuration is only recommended for experienced IIS administrators.

  1. Review AppInsight for IIS requirements and permissions.
  2. Set up PowerShell on target servers in SAM, if necessary.
  3. Set the execution policy on target servers.
  4. Create a self-signed certificate for AppInsight for IIS.
  5. Create a firewall rule.
  6. Update WSMan limits for AppInsight for IIS.
  7. Create a WinRM listener for AppInsight for IIS.
  8. Use the Add New Application Monitors Wizard to assign AppInsight for IIS to the node. An application monitor (also called an "application") is created for the node, based on the AppInsight for IIS template. In the Orion Web Console, the default name displayed for the application monitor is "Microsoft IIS."
  9. Navigate to the Manage Assigned Application Monitors page, select the application monitor on the node, and customize settings, as necessary.