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Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine API poller template

Use this SAM API poller template to monitor Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine performance and statistic counters, including performance and statistics counters for CPU, traffic, and disk metrics.


  • Use the following parameters to specify the API endpoint in the request URL:
    • ${SUBSCRIPTION_ID}: Your Azure subscription ID.
    • ${USERGROUP_ID}: A resource group ID
    • ${VM_NAME}: The Virtual Machine name
  • Configure OAuth 2.0 Azure credentials with the following scope:

    Although "(optional)" appears next to the Scope field, a scope is required for API pollers based on this template.

    For credential tips, see API poller authorization and also Find Microsoft Azure credentials.


  • Data is polled every 2 minutes, by default.
  • Default thresholds are not set for this template.
  • Here is an API request example:${SUBSCRIPTION_ID}/resourceGroups/myResource/providers/Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines/AzureMachinePM/providers/microsoft.insights/metrics?interval=PT1H&metricnames=Percentage CPU,Network In Total,Network Out Total,Disk Read Bytes,Disk Write Bytes,Disk Read Operations/Sec,Disk Write Operations/Sec,CPU Credits Remaining,CPU Credits Consumed&aggregation=Average,Total&api-version=2019-07-01

Available metrics

The following metrics are returned, by default. For reference, see Supported metrics with Azure Monitor (© 2021 Microsoft Corp., available at, obtained on May 3, 2021).

  • CPU Percentage
  • Network Incoming Traffic
  • Network Outgoing Traffic
  • Disk Read Bytes
  • Disk Write Bytes
  • Disk Read Operations/Sec
  • Disk Write Operations/Sec
  • CPU Credits Remaining
  • CPU Credits Consumed