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SolarWinds Service Desk Incidents and Problems API poller template

Use this API Poller template to monitor SolarWinds Service Desk counters, including incidents, risks, problems, and purchase orders.


  • API Key Authentication credentials are configured.


  • Default thresholds are not set for this template.
  • For reference, see Service Desk documentation.
  • Here is an API request example:

Available metrics

All incidents (max 100)

The number of all helpdesk incidents (up to 100 incidents).

Unit: Count

All high severity risks (max 100)

The number of risks (up to 100) with a High severity level.

Unit: Count

All purchase orders (max 100)

The number of purchase orders (up to 100 orders).

Unit: Count

All problems (max 100)

The number of problems (up to 100).

Unit: Count