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Directory Size

This SAM template determines the disk space used by files in a directory.


WMI access on the target server.


Administrator on the target server.

Component monitors

Directory Size Monitor

This component monitor determines the disk space used by the files in a directory. By default, it monitors the Documents and Settings folder situated on the target server on the C drive. To change the target folder, you should provide the correct UNC path to that folder. For example: \\${IP}\c$\Documents and Settings\

By default, this monitor calculates the size of the directory, including its subdirectories.

By default, the File Extensions Filter option is set to the wildcard, [*]. This means the monitor will calculate the size of all the files. If you need to calculate the size of a certain type of file, add the proper extension. For example, to calculate the size of ZIP archives, set the filter option to "zip".

For more details, see Directory Size monitor.