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Monitoring your applications and environment is a key capability of Hybrid Cloud Observability and is also available in a standalone module, Server & Application Monitor (SAM). Hybrid Cloud Observability and SAM are built on the self-hosted SolarWinds Platform.

Exchange 2016 Client Access Role Services and Counters (Advanced)

This SAM application monitor template contains advanced performance and statistics counters to monitor the Exchange 2016 Client Access Role. Some counters may require manual configuration, such as setting up installation-specific instances, correcting thresholds for the client’s environment, and so forth.

Use this template with the Exchange 2016 Client Access Role Services and Counters (Basic) template.

To determine roles and if a Client Access Server (CAS) role is assigned, connect to Exchange Management Shell and run the following command:
Get-ExchangeServer | select name, serverrole, edition, admindisplayversion, isClientAccessServer | fl


PowerShell 5.1 is installed and Administrator rights granted.

RPC and WMI access to the Exchange server.


Windows Administrator on target server.

Component monitors

RPC Operations/sec

The rate at which RPC operations occur, per second.

Referral RPC Requests Average Latency

The average time, in ms, that referral requests took to complete during the sampling period, per the Exchange address book service counter.

Should be below 1,000 ms.

Requests - Average Response Time

The average time (in ms) the Exchange Control Panel took to respond to a request during the sampling period.

The average should be under 6,000 ms.

ActiveSync: Requests/sec

The number of HTTP requests received from the client via ASP.NET per second.

Determines the current Exchange ActiveSync request rate.

OWA: Current Unique Users

The number of unique users currently logged on to Outlook Web App. This value monitors the number of unique active user sessions, so that users are only removed from this counter after they log off or their session times out.

Determines current user load.

OWA: Requests/sec

The number of requests handled by Outlook Web App per second.

Determines current user load.

Web Service: Current Connections

The current number of connections established with the Web service.

Determines current user load.

Requests - Activations/sec

The number of requests activated per second in the Exchange Control Panel.

Connection Count

The total number of client connections maintained, per the RPC Client Access load counter.

NSPI Connections Current

The number of Name Service Provider Interface (NSPI) clients currently connected to the server, per the Exchange Address Book load counter.

NSPI RPC Requests/sec

The rate at which NSPI requests occur each second, per the Exchange Address Book load counter.