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SAM Application Monitor Template Reference

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This reference provides details about the predefined application monitor templates included in SolarWinds SAM. Each template includes one or more component monitors designed to monitor a variety of elements in your environment, such as servers, applications, processes, services, events, databases, and storage.

New to SAM application monitor templates? Watch this video or read an overview. To learn about SAM API poller templates, click here.

To display a list of application monitor templates included in SAM:

  1. Click Settings > All Settings.
  2. Under Product Specific Settings, click SAM Settings.
  3. Click Manage Templates to open the Manage Application Monitor Templates page.

You can assign these templates to nodes to create application monitors (also called "applications) that are specific to individual nodes and customized, if necessary. When polling occurs, scripts gather data and report results within the Orion Web Console, as shown here:

When working with templates, note the following details:

  • Some target systems (for example, Oracle database servers) require extra setup to support SAM application monitor polling. For details see Configure servers for SAM monitoring.
  • Templates described here are legacy SAM application monitor templates. To learn about templates that monitor REST APIs, see the SAM API Poller Template Guide.
  • Some templates can use Orion agents to gather data from target servers across your environment. For a list of templates that support agents, see Monitor with Orion agents in SAM. Click here to learn about configuring Linux/Unix systems to support Orion agents.
  • To learn how to create custom templates with script monitors, see the SAM Custom Template Guide.
  • Periodically, SolarWinds updates templates to support the latest versions of third-party products, such as Windows Server. You can continue using templates for older versions, but updating to the latest template is recommended.

    Check THWACK periodically for updated application monitor templates. Only AppInsight templates are updated automatically during upgrades, to avoid overwriting custom changes. Click here for details.

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