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Monitoring your applications and environment is a key capability of Hybrid Cloud Observability and is also available in a standalone module, Server & Application Monitor (SAM). Hybrid Cloud Observability and SAM are built on the self-hosted SolarWinds Platform.

SAM Administrator Guide

Current version: SAM 2024.1

SolarWinds SAM gives you the tools to monitor your applications and environment through a single web console. SAM includes custom collections of templates, application monitors, and alerts to intelligently monitor application status and issues. Monitor over 250 application types including application servers, authentication servers, database servers, and more.

This guide provides an overview of product features and related technologies. In addition to describing how to use SAM, it contains recommended best practices and troubleshooting tips. If you're new to SAM, we recommend reviewing the SAM Getting Started Guide first.

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Server & Application Monitor features

SolarWinds Platform features

SAM uses many of the common features included in the SolarWinds Platform, the core architecture for the SolarWinds IT Management portfolio.

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