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How monitored API metrics in SAM impact Node status

When you use the API Poller feature to monitor node metrics via remote REST APIs, the status of returned metrics impacts the overall status of the node, if Child status rollup mode is enabled. To learn more, see Status Rollup Mode in the Orion Platform.

Description API poller status

Response code from API is 200.

All monitored values are within thresholds.


API poller was created but no API requests have been sent yet.

No licenses are available, either because SAM is not yet licensed or all licenses were consumed. See API poller licensing.

At least one monitored value exceeded its warning threshold but no monitored values reached a critical threshold. Warning
At least one monitored value exceeds its warning threshold. Critical

You can display the status of an individual API-monitored metric in the following places:

  • Node Details view: The API Poller widget displays the latest monitored metrics with their status, along with the name of the API poller.
  • PerfStack: Navigate directly to PerfStack from the API Poller widget on the Node Details view to see historic API metric data.
  • Orion Maps: Click a node with an assigned API poller to display monitored metrics.