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ServiceNow API poller template

Use this SAM API poller template to monitor ServiceNow statistics.


Download this template from THWACK, and then import it.

Activate a ServiceNow Performance Analytics subscription to return all statistics. For details, see (© 2021 ServiceNow, available at, obtained on April 13, 2021).

Set parameter ${INSTANCE} in the URL.

Configure OAuth2.0 or Basic Auth credentials.


Default thresholds are not set for this template.

For details, see the REST API reference.

Example requests include:

  • https://${INSTANCE}
  • https://${INSTANCE}

Available metrics include:

  • % of New Critical Incidents
  • % of Open Incidents Not Updated in Last 30 Days
  • % of Open Incidents Not Updated in Last 5 Days
  • AppSec-Number of Emails per Day
  • AppSec-Spam Emails per Day
  • Average Age of Last Update of Open Incidents (days)
  • Average Age Open Incidents (days)
  • Average Reassignment of Open Incidents
  • Active Incidents Count