Documentation forServer & Application Monitor

Use alerts to monitor your SAM environment

An alert is an automated notification that a network event occurred; for example, when a server doesn't respond. The network event that triggers an alert is determined by conditions you set up when you configure your alert. You can schedule alerts to monitor your network during a specific time period, and create alerts that notify different people based on when the alert is triggered.

The types of events you can create alerts for vary, depending on the Orion Platform products installed. For example, in NPM you can create an alert to notify you if a node in a specific location goes down or if the network response time is too slow. With SAM, you can receive alerts when application response times lag, or your Exchange mailbox database is almost full.

Create alerts for any monitored object, and alert against volumes and nodes with most Orion Platform products. You can also use SAM component monitor and application monitor variables in alerts. See also Manage thresholds in SAM.

To get started, click Alerts & Activity > Alerts, and then click Manage Alerts. For steps involved in setting up an alert based on component monitors, see Create an alert for monitored components in the Success Center.

See the Orion Platform Administrator Guide to learn more about alerts, or watch a SolarWinds Lab Bits video, Automating Alert Trigger Actions.