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About the AppInsight for IIS template

The AppInsight for IIS template includes numerous component monitors to provide data about IIS servers in your environment. If you modify these settings and configurations in the template, the details in AppInsight application monitors already assigned to servers update to match.

The primary reason to edit most SAM templates is to set general configurations such as polling frequency, polling method, and thresholds for warning and critical states for monitored metrics before assigning templates to nodes. The AppInsight for Exchange template includes several component monitors with default settings that cannot be modified due to dependencies. Also, you cannot add component monitors to this template.

See the SAM Template Reference for a list of component monitors included in this AppInsight template. You can also select the template on the Manage Application Monitor Templates page and click Edit to display component monitor details, and then make any necessary changes.

To begin gathering metrics, assign the template to IIS servers.