Documentation forServer & Application Monitor

Edit the AppInsight for IIS template

The AppInsight for IIS application monitor template included in SAM contains component monitors that provide data about IIS servers in your environment.

If you modify the parent template, the details in AppInsight application monitors already assigned to servers update to match. The primary reason to edit most SAM templates is to set general configurations such as polling frequency, polling method, and thresholds for warning and critical states for monitored metrics before assigning templates to nodes.

Note the following details about editing this template:

  • AppInsight templates includes component monitors with default settings that cannot be modified due to dependencies.
  • Disabled components do not impact the status of dynamic entities, or the status or applications and nodes.
  • You cannot add component monitors to AppInsight templates.

Important: Changes at the template level impact all child application monitors that inherit settings.

To edit the parent template, select it on the Manage Application Monitor Templates page and click Edit to display component monitor details, and then make necessary changes. For details, see Edit a template.

To remove this template from nodes to which it was assigned, see Remove a SAM application monitor from multiple nodes.

Disable dynamic component monitors

Starting in SAM 2020.2.6, you can disable dynamic AppInsight for IIS components if a known issue in your environment (for example, a web server outage) will increase false-positive alerts and logs. You can also turn off components that aren't important for your organization, to reduce polling loads.

You can disable most AppInsight for IIS component monitors at various levels:

  • Edit the parent template to mute monitoring for components in child application monitors assigned to individual nodes.
  • Edit an application monitor assigned to a specific node to mute component monitoring on that node.
  • Disable component monitors for a specific site or application pool being monitored by AppInsight for IIS.

Due to the complexity of this template, the Application Pools and Worker Process Statistic component monitors cannot be disabled.