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Import API pollers into SAM

You can select an API poller from a file on your local drive or a network location, and then import it into the Orion Web Console. Supported files use the following suffix: .apipoller.template.

More templates are available in the SAM Content Exchange on THWACK, as posted by solarwinds_worldwide_llc and tagged with an API Poller label. For example, see the GitHub health status API Poller Template. After you download a template from THWACK, import it into SAM on the Manage API Pollers page, as described here.

To import an API poller: 

  1. Click Settings > All Settings > Manage API Pollers.
  2. When the Manage API Pollers page appears, click Import.

  3. In the Import API Poller dialog box, click Browse to select a file, and then click Next.

  4. Select a node to host the poller.

    If you need to add a new managed node for the API poller, use the Add Node wizard.

  5. Click Create API Poller. The size of the file determines how long it takes to import.