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Configure AppInsight for Exchange on nodes

To configure and monitor Exchange servers in SAM, add AppInsight for Exchange to an existing node manually. You can also add it to a new node when using the Discovery Wizard.

Review the Exchange requirements and permissions first:

  • Local administrator permissions are required for automatic configuration. You do not need these credentials for monitoring Exchange.
  • To provide organization-wide capability, the service account (Domain User) must be a member of the View-Only Organization Management group to give the user object read-only access to the entire Exchange environment, without providing any domain or local access on the Exchange server. It also prevents unauthorized users from modifying the environment (for example, by creating or deleting users).
  • To gather information, the user object must be assigned the Mailbox Search management role within Exchange. To configure the account, it must be a member of the Local Administrators group.
  • Each target server requires IIS, as well as PowerShell 2.0 or later so SAM can run custom PowerShell scripts to configure target servers for Exchange monitoring. See also Use PowerShell in SAM.

Note the following details about AppInsight for Exchange nodes:

  • Starting in SAM 2020.2, AppInsight for Exchange uses WinRM as the default polling method. If upgrading from an earlier SAM version, see Configure WinRM polling on target nodes to update existing nodes.
  • SAM does not support multiple instances of Exchange on the same server.
  • Nodes that are not added via WMI do not display in the List Resources dialog box.
  • Monitoring an Exchange Database Availability Group (DAG) by way of a Virtual IP address (VIP) is not supported. AppInsight for Exchange should only be applied to the physical IP address of each mailbox server in the DAG, individually.

Due to the complexity of AppInsight templates, allow extra time for configuration to finish when assigning to nodes.

Add through the Discovery Wizard

Use the Discovery Wizard to add a new node and select AppInsight for Exchange for monitoring.

  1. Click Settings > All Settings > Add Node.
  2. Complete the information on the Define Node step, and then click Next.
  3. On the Choose Resources step in the Add Node Wizard, select AppInsight for Exchange.
  4. Click Next and complete the wizard as instructed.

  5. Click My Dashboards > Applications > SAM Summary.
  6. In the All Applications widget, expand the listed servers to locate the new node, and then click the added Exchange application and node.

  7. Enter Exchange credentials when prompted, and then click Configure Server.

Add to an existing node via the Node Details page

You can add AppInsight for Exchange to an Exchange server already monitored as a node in SAM.

  1. Click My Dashboards > Home > Summary.
  2. Expand and select the monitored Exchanger server node in the All Nodes - Tree View widget.

    The details page for the node displays.

  3. From the Management widget, click List Resources.

    The list may take a few minutes to generate.

  4. Select Microsoft Exchange to enable AppInsight for Exchange data collection. When done, click Submit.

  5. Click My Dashboards > Applications > SAM Summary.
  6. Locate the All Applications widget, and click the Microsoft Exchange application on the specific node you modified.

  7. Enter Exchange credentials when prompted, and click Configure Server.

When you click Configure Server, SAM runs custom PowerShell scripts to:

  • Add the Mailbox Search Role to the Exchange server with the credentials provided.
  • Enable the WinRM service to provide the Orion server with remote access to target servers.

The custom PowerShell scripts make the following configuration changes:

  • Enable Windows Authentication for PowerShell's web site
  • WinRM and Windows Authentication configurations are performed remotely from SAM

The process initiated when you click Configure Server is sometimes called "Zero Config."

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