Documentation forHybrid Cloud Observability Essentialsand Server & Application Monitor


The following SAM application monitor templates are available for AIX, a Unix OS for the POWER processor architecture found in IBM Power Systems:

The following component monitors are available for AIX:

  • Directory Size Monitor
  • DNS User Experience Monitor
  • File Age Monitor
  • File Change Monitor
  • File Count Monitor
  • File Existence Monitor
  • File Size Monitor
  • HTTP Monitor
  • HTTPS Monitor
  • JMX Monitor
  • Linux/Unix Script Monitor
  • Nagios Script Monitor
  • ODBC User Experience Monitor
  • Oracle User Experience Monitor
  • Process Monitor
  • SNMP Monitor
  • SOAP Monitor
  • TCP Port Monitor
  • Tomcat Server Monitor

See Configure Linux/Unix systems for SolarWinds Platform agent monitoring for details.