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Work with API pollers

If you can access a remote API, you can send requests to it with the API Poller feature. Define your API endpoints, pick the metrics you want to monitor, provide credentials, and begin monitoring without the need for custom scripts. You can also use an out-of-the-box API poller template included in SAM.

For example, you can create an API poller to monitor the Nutanix API and check data resiliency by setting alert thresholds for the number of nodes in monitored Nutanix clusters so you're notified when changes occur. You can also chain multiple API requests together to drill down into data endpoints and collect metrics such as cluster Read IOPs.

Additional examples include:

  • Use SolarWinds AppOptics and Loggly APIs to tighten connections between SolarWinds products in your environment.
  • Use the Microsoft Graph API to increase visibility into the performance of apps being monitored by Office 365 application templates in SAM.
  • Use the Cisco UCS API to bolster blade server monitoring by adding metrics to what you already collect for hardware health monitoring.
  • Use the Orion Platform SDK API to provide Orion Platform data to external teams, produce custom dashboards for executives, or automate maps.

The following topics describe more ways to use the API Poller feature: