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SolarWinds AppOptics Monitored Services API poller template

Use this SAM API poller template to monitor performance and statistics counters for SolarWinds AppOptics services.


  • Use the following parameters to specify the API endpoint in the request URL:
    • ${APP_ID}
  • Use an AppOptics API token for the username. No password is required.


  • Default thresholds are not set for this template.
  • To learn more about the AppOptics API, visit
  • Here is an API request example:${API_AppOpticsServiceName}

Available metrics

Average response time

The average time that requests sent to the given AppOptics app took to complete.

Unit: Milliseconds

Number of requests

The number of requests served by the AppOptics API for the AppOptics app.

Unit: Count

Error rate

The number of HTTP (5xx) errors that occurred in requests served by the AppOptics API for the AppOptics app.

Unit: Count of queries per second