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Convert values in data transformations for SAM component monitors

Some SAM component monitors offer an option to mathematically convert returned values through the use of data transformations.

Select the Convert Value option to open the Formula box and perform various mathematical functions. You can choose common functions from the drop-down lists to manipulate the returned value, or you can select the Custom Conversion option.

The Custom Conversion option offers more flexibility when manipulating returned values; it offers basic arithmetic operators; +, -, *, /, along with built-in functions for more advanced conversions.

For a list of these functions, see Available data transformations for SAM monitors.

Following is an example that uses predefined formula, XtoMega, to convert bytes to megabytes.

With the XtoMega formula applied, the data transforms from 318767104 bytes to 304 megabytes, which is much easier to read.

The Retrieve Current Value button tests the application and does not apply the data transformation. Instead, the original statistic value is returned.