Documentation forServer & Application Monitor
Monitoring your applications and environment is a key capability of Hybrid Cloud Observability and is also available in a standalone module, Server & Application Monitor (SAM). Hybrid Cloud Observability and SAM are built on the self-hosted SolarWinds Platform.

Configure Application Dependencies settings in SAM

After reviewing requirements, follow these steps to begin using the Application Dependencies feature:

  1. Enable Application Dependency polling.
  2. Assign application monitors to nodes.
  3. (Optional) Customize polling settings.
  4. (Optional) Set up Application Dependencies alerts.

This feature is automatically disabled during SAM upgrades to prevent performance issues in large environments. After upgrading SAM, enable it again.

Enable Application Dependency polling

To enable the Application Dependencies feature:

  1. Click Settings > Application Connection Settings.
  2. Enable the Enable Application Dependency Polling option.
  3. (Optional) Enable Connection Quality Polling.
  4. Click Save changes.
  5. Allow at least 10 minutes for SAM to deploy agents to nodes. For an overview, see How the Application Dependencies feature in SAM works.

If Application Dependency polling fails immediately after it's enabled, navigate to the Manage Agents page to check if agents are currently being deployed. Wait 10 minutes and try again.

Assign application monitors to nodes

To support background functionality described in How the Application Dependencies feature in SAM works, each node that you want to monitor needs at least one application monitor assigned to it so SAM can download agents.

For nodes that don't have an application monitor, you can:

Customize polling settings

To fine-tune polling and thresholds, use the Application Connection Settings page to:

  • Enable Connection Quality polling to display network communication statistics for dependencies.
  • Set polling intervals.
  • Indicate when a Down connection and its dependencies should be removed from the SolarWinds Platform database.
  • An SolarWinds Platform Administrator account with Node Management rights is required.

You can also disable Application Dependency polling for specific nodes, if necessary.

Set up Application Dependencies alerts

You can set critical and warning thresholds between applications for TCP connection packet loss and latency, both at a global and individual connection level, for use in alerts.

To configure Application Dependencies alerts at the global level.

  1. Click Settings > All Settings > Application Connection Settings.
  2. On the Application Connection Settings page, scroll down to Threshold Settings.
  3. Select Critical and Warning values for Connection packet loss and Connection latency.
  4. Click Save Changes.

To configure Application Dependencies alerts for individual connections, navigate to a specific node, click Edit Node, adjust Alerting Thresholds, and click Submit. You can also navigate to a node's Connection Details page and select Thresholds from the Commands menu.