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Monitor with AppInsight for SQL

Identify performance and troubleshoot issues for SQL databases and queries with AppInsight for SQL, a feature that provides visibility into over 100 metrics across all SQL servers monitored by SAM. These metrics include read and write latency, index fragmentation, expensive queries (based on CPU time), SQL agent job status with logs, capacity, and resource consumption for CPU, memory, and drive space.

Click here for an overview about AppInsight applications.

With AppInsight for SQL, you can monitor resource consumption, respond to alerts, and monitor expensive queries on a single page. Investigate issues and performance trends without hunting through numerous views for SQL servers. AppInsight for SQL provides a level of detail far beyond what a SQL template can provide, allowing you to monitor virtually every aspect of your SQL instances and databases. It can poll and report metrics without using agents, directly accessing SQL servers using configured access permissions and credentials via SNMP and WMI.

When you assign AppInsight for SQL to a node, an application (also called an "application monitor") based on the AppInsight for SQL template is created on the node. In the Orion Web Console, the default name for the application is "MSSQLSERVER" but can be customized.

When SAM polls for metrics, the standard Node Details view is replaced by the SQL Server Application Summary view that shows all SQL server instances monitored by AppInsight for SQL. To access, click My Dashboards > Applications > SQL Server.

On the Application Summary view, click an instance to open its Application Details view. See also Display AppInsight for SQL data in the Orion Web Console

Note the following details about AppInsight for SQL:

  • This feature is designed to monitor database instances on servers, not servers.
  • Due to the complexity of AppInsight for SQL, allow extra time for configuration when assigning it to nodes. Instances are enabled after the first polling cycle, which may take a few minutes.
  • Starting in SAM 2020.2.6, you can disable dynamic AppInsight for SQL components if a known issue (for example, high index fragmentation of a database) generates false-positive alerts and logs. You can also disable components that you don't need, to reduce polling loads. See Edit the AppInsight for SQL template.

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