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Adjust the Asset Inventory polling frequency in SAM

This topic also applies to SolarWinds SCM, which supports Asset Inventory polling.

After you set up third-party software on supported servers and enable the Asset Inventory feature for nodes, the Orion Platform executes polling jobs immediately and then continues polling at the same time each day until you restart Orion services, at which point polling jobs are rescheduled at random times throughout the day to reduce loads on polling engines.

Polling uses less than 100 KB of database space per node. For an environment with 1,000 servers, that translates to just under 100 MB of disk space. If you find that Asset Inventory polling strains your polling engine(s), you can adjust the polling interval to suit your needs. Generally, Asset Inventory data does not need to be collected with the same degree of regularity as status information because data doesn't change often.

Another alternative is to add an Additional Polling Engine (APE), as described in the Scalability Guidelines for SolarWinds products.

To change the frequency of Asset Inventory polling:

  1. Click Settings >All Settings.
  2. Under Thresholds & Polling, click Polling Settings.
  3. Adjust the Default Asset Inventory Poll Interval.

    The minimum value is 1 day.

  4. Click Submit.