Documentation forServer & Application Monitor

Navigate through your SAM environment

As with all Orion Platform products, you can access SAM in a web browser by navigating to http://hostnameOrIPAddress:port where:

  • hostnameOrIPAddress is the hostname or IP address of the Orion server.
  • port is the port defined for the Orion Web Console website during initial deployment. The default port is 8787.

On the Login page, provide a User name and Password, and then click Login to access the Orion Web Console, where you'll view, configure, and manage monitored objects.

The Orion Web Console includes several pages known as views, of which there are two main types: high-level Summary views and in-depth Detail views. Views contain informational blocks called widgets that display data for different aspects of monitoring, usually in a chart or table. Some widgets are intended for use on Summary views, some are suitable for Detail views, and some can be useful on both view types.

Watch a video about navigating the Orion Web Console.

This figure shows three widgets in the Application Summary view. To open this page, click My Dashboards > Applications > SAM Summary.

Some views and widgets are not visible by default, but can be added by editing settings. See Customize the Orion Web Console.

. Some features require administrator access. To learn more, see